Ale-Jhay: Everlasting

January 9, 2018
WF102 Records
Producer: Ale-Jhay, Punk Zappa, Airjob
Number of discs: 1

Follow up EP to Ale-Jhay’s “102 Vision” album. In this installment the artist touches on personal subject matters and his experiences residing in Oakland, California. Guest features include artist BlackCloudMC and Visualeyez The Poet. Production is split between Ale-Jhay, Airjob and punk Zappa, recording took place in Oakland, California. “Rock To It” is the project single and contains upbeat fun lyrics with a groovy club feel beat. This EP is a pre-lude to Ale-Jhay’s TBA album titled “Grace” which will release sometime in 2018.



2018 WF102 Records