About Me

a fusion of soul, electronica, 90’s hip hop with a dash of lifestyle rap, artist ale-jhay strive’s to educate and promote self-awareness for his generation of early 90’s kids while rehashing his journey to becoming a successful artist. In a industry that seems constricted by generic content and repetitive trends, ale-jhay brings a fresh perspective on music with his style and lyrics.




artist Ale-Jhay is far from what you would call a “typical rapper”. Born in Inglewood, CA and raised in the city and surrounding areas, Joseph LaCount Bowman a.k.a. Ale-Jhay has been through many phases of his music career and is still in the works to establish himself as a aspiring artist.

Starting off with just a mp3 player and his mother’s dell desktop, Ale-Jhay made mixes and edits of his favorite artists and sold mix cd’s of his mixes at his high school.

His hobby, as he called it, was nothing more than passing time; and it wasn;t until his senior year of high school in 2008 when he was accepted into the Cal State University system that he began to take his musical interests seriously.

After acquiring the music software Fruity Loops, Ale-Jhay began learning the in’s and out’s of the software by trial and error, working with fellow classmate Jordon P (aka Easy 16, essentially the co-founder of what would become WFNO) and friends he would eventually meet in college to start off his music portfolio.

During his freshman year of college, Ale-Jhay linked up with the two man group E-V-A, which was composed of Dedrick “DC” Allen , and Cameron Wilson coming from the Bay Area, and it has been history from 2008 till today. The group E-V-A has a small but supportive fan base locally and internationally, and has performed shows in the Bay Area and So Cal. Aside from his work with his group,

Ale-Jhay also works with many other artists, from independent artists such as Ft. Lauderdale’s Jay Burna and Cleveland-born artist Mean to european production companies such as Rhythm Girls who are based in Russia.

“Work For No One Incorporated” was founded by Ale-Jhay in late 2009 as a collective group which showcases his work and all of those that he affiliates with; in 2012 “WFNO” became “WF102” along with a new secretive code that is reminiscent of the periodic table. Ale-Jhay is in the works of establishing “WF102” as a permanent independent record label.

Personal Bio:

my bio… just a man with big dreams and goals who refuses to take the “route” that so many other artists take when journeying to the music industry. producer,mixer,rapper.. all in one. had many names and finally decided on one that I’m sure no one has. firm believer in grind first, fame later.. so if you want to hop aboard my boat hit me up… guarantee you i’ll make it.. only questions are: when,where, and how. work for no one.



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